Hey guys,

My first FX trade was on May 23rd, 2011, so it’s actually only been about 3 weeks ish? Started off with a $75 deposit, currently at $49.94. Losing the same amount as I would normally lose from 1 single binary option trade. So monetary loss isn’t that much. Stress levels are spiked though, since I’m getting stressed from consistent losses and not following my good signals, going on bad signals, etc. Closing profitable trades too soon or not closing losing trades soon enough! The level of stress mainly originates from maintaining this blog. What’s the point in having a blog to post losses constantly? The stress is from internal conscienceness I guess? Lol, I’m strssing myself out, it’s clearly not the money issues. It’s just that I can’t do it properly right now. I’m not giving up by the way, just life is picking up again after 2 months of boredom.

Last year, when I first started trading, I was on penny stocks, I lost about $1800 in about the same time as I’ve been trading FX. But eventually, the penny stocks got into profit zone. Seems every instrument I touched, I always lost. Binaries, I was down to $250 at one point from a $500 deposit, then got myself back up to $1.6k profit. FX will eventually profit, but not now. I don’t need the stress of financial trading right now. It’s midterm season and I’m booked packed with tutoring sessions with my students this month. School starts for me next month, so I don’t think I’ll be trading at all till school’s out in mid August for a few weeks before school starts again in September.

One hour of tutoring will cover my entire FX losses. When I come back, it’ll be a new account, fresh start, fresh everything. New risk/money management. Same strategy, more use of trailing SL when possible. Tighter SLs no matter what.

So, this will most likely be my last post for a long while. Do check back from time to time though, incase I decide to randomly start again.

Good Luck Trading,