About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Brian and I’m 22 yrs old, currently residing in Toronto, Canada.

Education: I’m currently a full time student attending the University of Toronto: Scarborough Campus. I’m doing a Specialist in Human Biology + Major in Economics. In my 5th yr of studies, staying an extra year to finish the Major in Economics, since both programs adds up to 24 credits (only need 20 to graduate). Afterwards, I intend to pursue a Masters in Economics


1. I run my own home business selling consumer electronics, mainly iPod accessories and audio/video cables. Started the business in January 2007, been here ever since, profit margin is high, but the sales are low. But hey, it’s been 4 years in business, no losses, all done while being in university.

2. Teaching assistant for 1st year Economics courses for one of my professors started in Sept 2009.

3. Private tutor for various subjects in high school and 1st year university courses.

My investing background: I started trading penny Stocks on March 31, 2010 and blue chip Stocks around May 2010. With blue chips I felt it had to do a lot more with fundamentals and charting versus penny Stocks which is more momentum base with a bit of TA as well. With that said, my TA isn’t that great, as you’ll notice on the Strategy page, I use very basic signals to pick my entry points.


Goals of this trading journal is to mainly document all my good/bad moves from the start so I can learn from them and maybe help you guys to do the same. You’ll notice that I’m not gunning for 100% win streaks, that’s impossible. There’s a quote, I forgot who said but “Nothing is certain except for uncertainty”. Chance will always be in the equation. But as I’ll explain in my Strategy and Education pages, we’re only going for a certain % win ratio in order to profit.

Personal Goal (Updated on a yearly basis): Since I wasn’t even remotely close to reaching my 2011 goal of hitting $100k+ income, I’ll reduce it down to $21k (LOL 20% of the previous goal). This represents how much an individual would make working full time with minimum wage in Canada. If I’m able to reach the same income level while living this entrepreneurial (is that a word?) life then great. Just shows how capable I am on my own without having to find a job.


Explanation for my blog posting style

I’ll usually have a small blurb at the top and bottom of each post to explain my overall feelings for the day, also will give a summary at the bottom for win ratio and profit/loss.

Excel spread sheets showing my trades will be posted in picture format (unless someone wants to show me how to do this with a plug-in instead, it’s a big chart!). On this spread sheet, I will be posting my personal format for the trades because each broker displays the trades differently. When needed, I will also post charts to accompany the trade to give a clearer image of what I saw while trading.


Small disclaimer for my posts: In the past, I have seldom edited my posts, once it’s posted, it usually sticks. I usually only edit to add missing details, not remove things. This whole blog is going to depict my complete experience with financial instruments; both the profits and losses will be posted. I’m known to be an honest guy among my friends, also as a business man, I tend not to mislead people, it’s all strictly business. The business of this blog is to share my experience. I provide the whole picture for you to disect, not just the good bits. What you do with the picture is up to you.

Work/Trading Experience:

  • Jan 2007 – Started home business selling electronics (Closed Jul 2012 – Profitable venture)
  • Sept 2007 – Entered University of Toronto (Graduated June 2012)
  • Sept 2009 – Hired for teaching assistant job in intro level economics (Ended Aug 2012)
  • Mar 2010 – Started trading penny stocks (Stopped trading Aug 2010 – Profitable venture)
  • May 2010 – Started trading blue chip stocks (Focused on dividend Stocks – Net Profit as of Dec 2011)
  • Oct 2010 – Started trading binary options (Still trading – Net Profit as of Dec 2010)
  • Jan 2011 – Launched my blog, Financial Trading Journal
  • May 2011 – Started trading forex (Still trading – Net Profit as of Sept 2011)
  • Nov 2011 – Started a consulting firm (Closed Apr 2013 – Profitable venture)
  • Jan 2012 – Production of the original “How I Trade Binary Options” series
  • May 2012 – Launched Financial Trading School and revamped all previous videos
  • Sept 2012 – Transition to full time entrepreneur / youtuber and part time trader
  • Oct 2012 – Started a marketing firm