NOTE: This was my old strategy for when I first started out trading binaries

An updated strategy for what I use sometimes now is channel trading/scalping:


Initial Set Up:

Display the 6EMA, 12EMA, 48EMA, Smoothed Heikin Ashi indicator.
For now, I basically use the 5Minute PASS as explained here:


Main Strategy:

Although you’ll see on my trading journal that I never really enter at the proper entry, because I come on at the wrong times and just enter a trade in the middle of a trend as opposed to the beginning of it. I don’t wait for an entry so to say, but the main strategy of the system is outlined on that page. Basically just waiting for the 6 and 12EMA to cross the 48EMA to get a reversal in direction. I’m currently trying to find other simpler systems to trade along side this one.

Secondary Strategies:

Bollinger bands: these can be used to gauge how much room the price has to move up or down, if it’s approaching a band it could rebound or shoot through depending on the set up. This is a very hard ready to use. What I generally do is only use this for consolidation periods, there will be a point when all the EMA/SMAs start to converge and basically look flat. During this time, if the bollinger bands tighten and form a narrow channel. It can pop in either direction, that’s the direction of play, the problematic part of this is: you don’t know how long it’s going to last.

Fib Retracements: 61.8 retracements levels do not always work, but if they hold, it’s generally a sure shot to play this.

Pinbars: Shooting stars and hammer formations. Best used for 5minute or 1hour chart. The 1minute pinbars mean nothin, they never work.