It’s about time….

Way back in the day, AnyOption started with the early closure feature but only offered it randomly for traders. Recently (last year), when 24Option came out, they offered it from the get go and every instrument had it. I’ve just been told (literally 5 minutes ago) that BBinary is now starting to offer it as well. Currently, it’s only accessible via Binary META and only EUR/USD has this feature.

Unlike 24Option, where there’s a little window to show what the sell value of the option is, BBinary hasn’t put that in yet. So, you’ll have to click “sell” to see what the current value is repeatedly to see it’s worth. But that should be irrelevant since you’ll be closing the option early regardless of the value, because you simply have a bad feeling about the trade! Still in it’s early stages, eventually all the pairs will have it + there will be a separate place to view the value of the sell.

This is only worth mentioning because I know a lot of people who would rather stick with a well known broker versus a newer broker with fancy features. Thus, I’m making this post about BBinary. For those of you that don’t know BBinary, I suggest you read my Broker Review on them.

Notable features:

  • They accept all clients around the world including US traders
  • Minimum deposit is $500, which includes a demo account, simply talk to their live chat to set it up for you
  • Minimum trade size is $1 up to $2,500
  • They also have a “Personal Broker” program if you deposit $5,001+. This basically just means you can talk to your own account manager who gives you free trading signals from time to time.

So, if you haven’t already done so, go check them out!