Last week, I posted that I would try out and use BOSE signal service due to large viewer/fan requests. So, I signed up for their trial this week, May 7th till today May 11th for a total of 5 days. IF everything went smoothly and nothing was questionable then I would be happy to continue their service as I originally stated for another 3 months. But, I fear I might wipe my account if I continue for the whole 3 months. Trials are supposed to leave the customer with a good impression.

Let me give you an example, I subscribe to the local newspapers from time to time because they offer a month free trial or some low cost for weekday deliveries. If I don’t receive the paper each morning, then something’s wrong and I won’t be happy i.e., if one day is missing. This has happened in the past, I signed up for a month and a few days I got nothing, sometimes even a whole week nothing delivered. They would call me after the month is over and ask how the paper was or if I wanted to subscribe for a year. My reply: “You owe me a week’s worth of paper, if you can’t even deliver it during a trial, what makes you think I want to subscribe for a year!?”

Same shit applies here, I will post my charts below for each day of this week’s trial. I went into this experiment to test quality of service, I’m not worried about accuracy or win ratios. As a seasoned trader, I know there will be bad times in the markets, like this week I’m down but it’s ok, that’s just how the markets work. So, I’m not directly questioning their claimed accuracy, this post is to point out their flaws of signal delivery and validity of their signal results. Thus, based on these accusations, their claimed accuracy is being indirectly questioned.

PS: As the title implies, BOSE will no longer be promoted. The youtube video from the Lazy Trader series is gone and the banners on the site are all gone. Let’s get on with the chart examples.

Legend for all the charts:

  • These are all 1 minute charts
  • First vertical line = time I received the email
  • Second vertical line = time the binary option expired (note, they’re all on :29 because candles are opened on that minute and thus close at :30)
  • Red horizontal line = closing price of candle at time of signal delivery
  • Blue horizontal line = target signal price (it’s blue for me, but might show up as purple for you?)
  • Black horizontal line = closing price of candle at time of expiry

Their signal instructions are always stated as “AT or ABOVE/BELOW the Price” for an entry for Put/Call respectively. Thus, please pay attention to the blue and black lines since these are most important, if price never reaches the blue line this is considered “no entry”.


  • Check marks are for a match of chart and BOSE results of ITM.
  • X’s are for a match of chart and BOSE results of OTM.
  • Question marks are for the no entries, i.e., different results comparing chart and BOSE results.
  • “Me” is pretty obvious, that’s if the result/comment from my own entry.


Again, I don’t give a shit about their results, what I care about is honesty and quality of service. Judging by the number of question marks above, that’s just bad service. From talking with other people who tried out their service, the problem lies with the “delay of the signal”. I understand from a seller’s point of view, they want to make their signals look good. I know tons of stocks newsletters that do this, rather than compare opening price and closing price, they compare today’s close to yesterday’s close despite there being gap up today. The same can be said about BOSE here and I understand why. However, doing this makes me question the validity of their results and hence, overall signal accuracy.

On a closing note, the trial was $7, my account balance is sitting at $517.25. So, my net is $10.25 although it should be more if I won more if I had entered the trades on Thursday. Oh well, so it’s not like I lost money or didn’t make as much. I don’t care much for the money, this whole post was made to expose their honesty/validity of the results.