Business Inquiry/Promotion

Interested in promoting your broker on my blog? I explain step by step how banners work on my blog:

  1. All broker platforms get an “overview page” which basically just shows what the broker has to offer.
  2. If I’ve already used your platform and have done enough trades (I set a threshold for myself before I write a review), you get a broker review as well.
  3. From 1) and 2), if I currently use your platform or plan to use it in the future, meaning I like it. I’ll feature it on the side bar, although, I haven’t decided what the limit will be, it’s probably going to be a small number. I mean, honestly, how many broker accounts can a trader have?

You should’ve already noticed that the intentions of this blog is to educate traders and newbies-alike, I help my readers make money not lose. Most brokers make money via traders that lose. Thus, if you’re offering a RevShare, I’m not interested, that represents a conflict of interest.

While I don’t actively scour the internet for new brokers popping up, I’m a moderator of a fairly active binary options community. So, if there are any broker complaints, people talk about it on there. Likewise for new brokers, if I know your broker’s reputation and I like it, chances are I’m already promoting it. If not, then I’ll be happy to set up #1 for you.

Thank you for your time,