This section of my blog, will be dedicated to educating newbies, or anyone unfamiliar with trading as a whole. I’ll walk you through step-by-step, from square one up to a decent place to be to start your own trading adventure. Because I know what it felt like to be a newbie, I was confused. I wasn’t sure where to start, what resources to use, who to rely on. This is kind of like survival guide, the things you gotta do to survive in the world of finance. But like most survival guides, they only help you get by, they don’t help you in the long run. If your car breaks down in the middle of the woods, you can survive on your own for a while, but if you’re stuck like in the movie 127 hours (really boring, don’t watch it). Well, you’re kind of on your own, or you can think of yourself on an ice rink. No friction, but yet, no clear direction as well, I’m here to push you in “a” direction, not necessarily the right direction for you. You’ll adjust to your own criteria in the future.

NOTE: The tabs for this section are ordered from beginning to the end, not in alphabetical order like the rest of this blog..  Starting with Mentality, always gotta start with your mind first..

I’m not grading you either, nor am I judging you, but feel free to send me an email with your progress etc, feedback. If you think something is missing from this section or the blog, let me know. You’re responsibile for grading yourself, and that will be reflected by your portfolio profit/loss.