Hey everyone,

Just wanted to update everyone on my life right now. It is currently final exam period right now, started from Dec 7th and lasts till Dec 20th (I think?). My last exam is on the 19th, so I go all the way till the end basically. So, I’m not going to bother making a forecast for the next 3-4 weeks or so. December is usually a quiet period for markets, since it’s Christmas/New years and all the other holidays that other religions have. I will post the results from this week’s results below. But that’s all the forecasts that I’ll be doing for this calender year.

Next year, I’ll start again basically around the time I go back to school for the winter semester. I may or may not start trading after my exams are over, if I do, those trades will be posted. I’ll update with the trades I’ve made since the last ‘Live Trade’ post. I’ll probably post a summary post on New Year’s Eve to recap what happened this year with regards to life, goals, trading, etc. Plus, I’ll add on the outlook for 2012 and any new goals etc.

Good Luck with the markets if  you’re still trading.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday everyone!