Welcome to the Financial Trading School!

Introducing the revamped education section of Financial Trading Journal. In order to improve the learning experience, I’ve decided to structure the lessons as if it’s a series of university courses.

In hindsight, I never intended to create a school or a Youtube following or anything of that sort. Episode 1 of my “How I Trade Binary Options” series was created out of fun intentions to educate the traders on how I traded 60 second options. Who would’ve thought that by the end of that video, an idea sparked in my mind to create subsequent videos on candle sticks, price action etc. One idea led to another and 24 episodes later, I was exhausted and decided to take a break. During this break, I was able to rest and collect my thoughts. I started to read through the comments, emails, feedback on my video series and I noticed something…

Although each individual video is well written, structured and taught. The video series itself wasn’t structured properly, there’s no real beginning nor is there an end. The latter isn’t as important as the former, but if students are misguided from the beginning, that will surely hinder them later on. Thus, this school is being made to build a proper foundation for each new trader.

Just like the original “How I Trade Binary Options” series on Youtube, these lessons are my own personal take on how to trade. I never have and never will copy or use someone’s work, in the event that I do, they will be properly referenced in the lesson. There are plenty of learning resources on the web to learn how to trade financial markets. What makes my lessons stand out is I tend not to bullshit my students, I get straight to the point and provide sufficient examples. There is and always will be “fluff” content, I can’t get rid of all of it since you need some to build the foundation.

Lastly, this school is named Financial Trading like my site rather than Binary Options Trading because the lessons will cover multiple topics. Also, it allows for growth into other financial instruments in the future if/when I start branching outside of Binary Options, Forex and Stocks. Like traditional university programs, I will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year courses. All the videos from the “How I Trade Binary Options” series will be moved into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year courses. 4th year courses will be filled with higher level trading methods as I see fit.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the lessons I’ve presented here at the Financial Trading School.

Best of luck trading,