Hello Traders!…

Sorry for the late post, I’ve started working on videos again since I promised that FTS would start producing videos again starting on Tues, Sept 18th…

Anyways, I pretty much got stomped this week. Since I’ve been out of the “game” so long, I forgot to check news.. lol. Seems the FOMC meeting yielded some uh.. monetary hinting? QE3? I haven’t read the report yet since I’m rushing to do this week’s FX Weekly Analysis right now but judging by how Gold and all the FX pairs moved, QE3 looks like it’s in the works? Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m guessing that’s the case. Gold is pretty damn high right now.


Seeing as how I got wiped out by news, I’m just going to take the loss across the board and since I didn’t even open my charts this week, I’m just going to avoid forecasting right now. Until I’m fully immersed back into the markets within the next 2 weeks, I’ll start forecasting properly again. Also, I plan to get rid of the conditions, from user feedback these seem useless from a forecast stand point. Forecast results will be rated at right, wrong or negligible from now on. There’s no 50/50 bullshit from conditions taking place etc. The conditions might be mentioned in the actual commentary for things to look for if you’re trading these forecasts but that’s it.

Monthly Charts


Weekly Charts


Daily Charts


H4 Charts


Commentary / Technical Forecasts

I have none since I’m not forecasting. Take note of the H4 chart, they all have new H4 channel lines drawn for the channel that they’re currently in. Just like I had a channel last week, who knows? Maybe they’ll break out of them again this week, that’s why I’m not forecasting because I’m unsure.

Until next week, Good Luck Trading!