Here’s how it works:

  • After you sign up for an account with TradeRush through my link. Simply talk to their live chat and provide a message like this: “Hi, I just joined TradeRush through Brian from Financial Trading Journal (or School, either works) and would like to redeem the code ‘TradeFree‘ for a demo account“.
  • They will then check if your sign up links to my site and it matches mine, they’ll activate your 36 hour demo account for free!
  • Note: It’s a short demo account because it’s primarily provided for new traders to try out the platform so that you don’t have to burn money trying out something you’re unfamiliar with.
  • However, don’t treat this demo account as a way to test out a strategy because you can’t really test something within 36 hours anyways. If you feel you can, then go for it, it’s yours to try out whatever you want.
  • I’ve been told they fill it up with $500,000 demo money, at $10 min trades this lets you try out 50,000 trades.

PS: This is only available to new sign ups, existing traders with funded accounts do not qualify.

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