Free Systems

This section is for all the FREE systems that I’ve found to be useful over the past couple months of scouring the forums, youtube vids, blogs etc. Each separate system will how their source link and reference to whoever designed/formulated the system. I will post my modified techniques that I applied to the system to tweak it towards my own usage.

Great place to find these trading systems:

@ the Trading System subforum of ForexFactory:

Instructions on installing MT4 Indicators/Templates:

Depending on where you installed your MT4, the file path should be something like this:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\

If you’re installing an expert advisor (EA) file, it goes into the experts folder:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\Experts

If you’re installing an indicator (which the bulk of what I’ll be using are), it goes into the indicator folder within the experts folder:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\Experts\Indicators. This folder stores all of your custom indicators, if it’s not here then just make it, but it should be already here.

Most of the user templates are placed within this folder:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\Templates. But it doesn’t really matter, the default folder it opens with is here, but you can place it anywhere you want.