Hello 2012! Hope you’re more profitable / greener ($$) than 2011!

I’ve updated the “About me” page, with my personal goal for this year:

Since I wasn’t even remotely close to reaching my 2011 goal of hitting $100k+ income, I’ll reduce it down to $21k (LOL 20% of the previous goal). This represents how much an individual would make working full time with minimum wage in Canada. If I’m able to reach the same income level while living this entrepreneurial (is that a word?) life then great. Just shows how capable I am on my own without having to find a job.

Personal Goals:

  • $21k overall income from all sources
  • 80%+ win Ratio in binaries
  • Overall, stay profitable across all instruments that I’m trading
  • I’d like to hit 2,000 unique visitors a month, with at least 3,000 visits and 10,000 pageviews a month

I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2012!