Things to note:

  • I’ve quit forex, and withdrawn from Oanda to stop myself from being tempted to trade (although it’s extremely easy to deposit and trade again.. >_>)
  • Since no more forex, binary trades as you’ve noticed the past 2 months have gone down as well. The result = no more live trade updates, I’m done. This is like February all over again, the blog will become less active since I have to focus on school  for the most part.
  • FX weekly analysis will continue to be provided but depending on how much time I have to spare, I may stop commenting/explaining my technical forecasts or just simple combine them together or just write a simple blurb of writing to get the message across.
  • I dropped a course.. multi variable calculus, I can’t handle the math in that course
  • Given the above changes, I’ll upload my new schedule but that’s not really relevant based on what I can see on site stats, no one visits that page anyways. But I will update it to reflect the changes
  • I’ve updated the Profits page under about me to reflect to new account balances and since they will remain that way for a while, that page will probably no longer be updated either until I start trading again
  • That’s pretty much it.. It was a good run this summer, great learning opportunity for me and hopefully for you guys as well. I hope my blog has helped you in some way, I apologize to the people expecting continuous trading, I can’t do that during the school year, I’d expect the blog to get active again near christmas.

Until then, I wish you all Good Luck in trading and Profits for everyone’s account. Be sure to come back every Saturday though for the FX weekly analysis.