Hey guys,

I’ve reached 12 trades for this week, which according to my rule is the limit since I overtraded yesterday and today. At 2 trades a day, that equates to 6 days of trading (including sunday). So, I’m just posting this now incase I decide to just take the rest of the week off. If I wake up Thurs/Fri morning and see nice trade set up’s, I’ll consider trading again.

My win ratio so far this week is 10/12 = 83.33%

Profit/Loss = +$149.75

August 21st + 22nd Charts (NOTE, the dates on the charts, I scrolled back and did this)

August 23rd Charts

August 24th Charts

NOTE: the blue/red indicator is the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator which is from the 5Min PASS system, but I don’t bother with the fractals and EMAs anymore. Look for the system under the Forex section of the blog.

Updated Profit/Loss Chart