I fucked up on BB today, I need to stop waking up early and catching stupid trades, because it’s not working. I need to just sleep and wake up like I did the begining of the week. I had the mentality that, if I could wake up to trade end of the london session it should be good, but it’s not that great.. If I want to do that, I’d have to wake up in the middle of london sessions around 4-5am. But anyways, onto my shitty trades for today. I overtraded and broke my rules again in order to stay in the green but managed to fuck up my weekly win ratio in the process.

I know the charts don’t show much, because of all the clutter. I use the same charts for the weekly analysis, so don’t want to erase them. The indicator blocks the view as well, but there’s not much to show in the strategy right now. Just look at the trends and S/R, it’s zoomed out for a reason.

Today’s Results:

Profit/Loss = +$4
Win Ratio = 5/9 = 55.6%

This makes my weekly win ratio go down to = 15/21 = 71.43%