Sunday night was just bad.. and stupid, AUD/USD was throwing a fit, and didn’t listen lol.

Yesterday was purely stupid, I was trading when the pairs were out of sync, yet I wanted to correlate my trades with other pairs at the time of entry.

Today was good, overtraded a bit, but good none the less, still sitting at a loss for the week so far though.

Current Stats:
Win Ratio = 6/11 = 54.55%
P/L = -$6.75

The win ratio is red coloured because the break even ratio is something like 55-56%

Couple notes for the charts, there are 2 vertical lines for each trade, the first is near the stoch indicating the entry and the second is where expiry is. Arrows show the entry area. The stoch was just added to my charts last night, wanted to see if they really matter or not, so far, from what I can see. It’s a good indicator for trade rejections aka stops me from making bad trades, otherwise useless for actually finding trades for me. If I like it, I’ll use it long term for secondary advisory .. or whatever you wanna call it.

Charts are extended back a day to show entries for 2 days of trading.