Overall had a shitty day with 60 second options today, Trade Rush is funny, the funniest moment I had trading today was when my TOS/MT4 charts went up in price and then Trade Rush’s platform went down! How does it defy the law of physics?! LOL This happened both for entries and expiries, entries I don’t care, I still have time for it to expire but expiries were hilarious. It’s like being on an episode of punk’d, “HA! you thought you won, guess not!”. Yea, no comment, anyways here are the trades for today. Somehow, I always manage to stay afloat and break even (in terms of my account balance net gain/loss). I was actually in the green after yesterday but today, I’m back down to $102.50. I lost $20 but managed to rack up $295 in trade volume in the process while staying above $100!

The enclosed area represents the area that my trades are within, too many trades to indicate where the trades are, I didn’t even trade the whole session. I would look away and come back to see I missed a trend. I broke that rule today by the way, I was on tilt at one point, then managed to recover, my lowest balance was $72.50 and highest point was after the 1st trade of $126, managed to close at $102.50 at the end.

Win Ratio: 34/59 = 57.6%
P/L: -$20
Trade Volume: $295