So, I did some trades today on TradeRush. Overall pretty good on my part as far as trend spotting goes. They messed up a segment for which I missed a lot of trades, but it’s ok, they refunded me for thie server issues. I hope it never happens again, otherwise their broker review revision may not go so well. I briefly explained it in the trade commentary. Basically server lagged my entry, and since I couldn’t enter, I clicked too many things thinking server lag, in the end, their server treated those extra clicks as multiple entries rather than the initial 1 trade intention. But whatever, onwards and upwards. I actually have trade commentary this time, so yay for that LOL. Also, for readers still confused about how I trade 60 second options, I intend to make at least 1 video in the upcoming youtube video series about 60 second options on TR.


Win Ratio = 17/20 = 85%
P/L = +$40.50
Trade Vol = $100