Today was another good day of trading, no hiccups, no platform, server bullshit this time from TradeRush. I caught 2 trends and 1 pullback. Not much to comment on. I tweeted a few trade set up’s as I saw them while trading these 60 seconds, overall multi tasking the whole morning while I was doing this. Something that I mention in the commentary for the trades today, is don’t expect 100% trade results from 60 seconds. Even if you spot the trend, expect to lose a few trades due to “test trades” to test the trend to see if it’s what you think it is. Set up rules, etc to stop yourself from going on tilt, which is VERY easy to do when trading 60 seconds.

  • First trade used to test trend, might be loss, then trade opposite, if it’s a win continue
  • Second trade is opposite is first is a loss, if this is a loss too then something is wrong with the markets
  • Walk away or turn off charts and come back later, this is why you see the time difference between each burst of trades is about 30min to an hour. I just close charts and ignore markets

Below are the trades:


Win Ratio = 21/28 = 75%
P/L = +$30
Trade Volume = $140