For the followers of this blog, clearly I have been busy making videos. They do take more time than you’d think. I thought I’d be able to make them fairly fast, but finding examples is so hard! I have lots of examples, but I refrain from putting up charts with a lot of gibberish on it incase that confuses the newbies. The new video series is intended for all levels of traders, but I wanted to make them as newbie friendly as possible. Takes time to collect my thoughts for the power point slides as well. All in all takes at least 3-6 hours prep time for the video (ep 4 took a lot of prep to find 20 charts of examples). Then you have to factor in the time it takes to record (video length) + I have to rewatch the video to make sure it’s all there (video length again). Video takes about 20-40 mins to render, at which time, all cpu processing power is devoted to the rendering, so I can’t trade. Uploading to youtube drains my internet, so I can’t trade again. So overall, making these videos have crippled my trading capabilities lol.

BUT no regrets, it’s low volume, trading opportunities are rare anyways but they do come, just less than usual. I managed to squeeze in some 60 second trades on TradeRush this morning though.


Win Ratio = 3/4 = 75%
P/L = +$5.5
Trade Volume = $20