I’m a hypocrite lol, I mentioned in my videos that you should be patient and wait for trades. I don’t know what happened this morning but I went on a losing streak and while going at it, I went on tilt and just wouldn’t stop trading. Something good did come out of it though, I managed to test Trade Rush to see how they dealt with large amounts of trades per minute. At one point I was going 6-8 trades per minute for a few minutes, all of them expiried within 10 seconds!! That’s a huge improvement from August.

So, the morning was bad, I went out and when I came back, it was ranging. I decided to try out normal binaries on Trade Rush to see what those were like. They’re pretty standard like everyone else, the only difference is the trades are displayed on the sidebar rather than below the platform, so you can visually see what trades you’re in. This way you don’t have to scroll down to the bottom. Also, during US hours, they have 15-30 minute expiries, after 4PM close, it was changed to hourly expiries, so I stopped trading those.

Lastly, I’ve now made 248 trades with Trade Rush, I think that’s sufficient trading to give a revised broker review. From what I can tell right now, they’re finally leaving a good impression on me, so they’re probably going to be drastically improved. Since this is the case, I’ll be putting them under recommended brokers on the side bar as well. NOTE: I haven’t withdrawn yet! I’m still working towards my trade volume, so I haven’t been paid for this change. They actually have improved, and so I’m changing the broker rating to reflect this.

Below are the (horibble) trades for today lol, none of which are their fault, all my fault this time:


Win Ratio = 34/69 = 49.3%
P/L = -$38.40
Trade Volume = $385