I only made 3 trades this week since I wasn’t even online much. Monday was Victoria Day (Canadian holiday), Tuesday I was prepping material to teach tutorials on Wednesday (replacement for Monday due to holiday). So I traded on Wed night after I got home. Thursday, I have no idea what happened and then on Friday, I made a trade in the early morning before my day started. My relatives from Boston came over yesterday, so we were shopping for and prepping food etc for them on Friday.

So overall, I’ve been lazy and/or preoccupied because I still haven’t found time/motivation to work on videos yet. BUT, I promise I’ll have 3 videos up by this weekend regarding the 3 revamped videos on price action. After re-watching the 3 videos from before (Ep 3, 12 & 13), I didn’t teach them in the proper order… So this time, with BO202, 203 and 204, I’ll be covering Support/Resistance levels, Trend lines and Ranging vs Trending markets respectively. I’ll try to work on the power point slides on Monday/Tuesday and find better examples (or just use a live chart). Then I’ll probably start recording them on Wed or Thurs, so by the weekend (Sat/Sun) all 3 videos should be uploaded.

By mid-June, I should be done revamping most of the old videos and start making new videos based on the requests I’ve gotten. Anyways onto my trades lol.

Summary: Win ratio = 3/3, P/L = +$57.75