Hey guys,

Since Monday, I was pretty much way more conservative but still not doing that way. I started the week off with $250, then got down to $58.15 as my lowest point and currently am sitting at $114.57. Overall a bad week, the experimental trades on Monday pretty much messed up the account which is fine because it gave me insights for new strategies and possible points to take into account for the review as posted earlier this week. Having said that, now that the BOSE ordeal is done and dealt with, I can focus entirely on trades next week and/or work on the new streaming chart service (will be posted in the morning). In the mean time, go check out my thread on Binary Options Daily, if you’re interested in this service please leave a reply in the thread. I need to gauge the demand before moving forwards with developing the service. Anyways, onto the trades that I made for the remainder of this week:


May 8th, 2012 – EUR/USD 1min chart


May 9th, 2012 – GBP/USD 1min/5min chart


May 11th, 2012 – USD/CAD 1min/5min chart


Since I’m waking at 4am everyday now (including weekends). The FX Weekly Analysis should be coming out pretty fast tomorrow morning, afterwards I’ll post more details on the potential new upcoming streaming live charts service. Check back in 6-10 hours for next week’s FX Weekly Analysis. Cheers, Brian