Live Trades – September 25th, 2011 « Financial Trading Journal

Hey guys,

Did some trades today on spotFX, had all of my sell limit orders on EUR/USD and AUD/USD filled today in premarket. Pretty spot on for entry, my problem right now as one of my friends (Mike) brought up about 4-5 months ago, was EXIT POINTS.. OMG, I exited early on all my lots today, if I had longer, would’ve made another $30-70 (pretty much double what I made today).

Red lines = Short, Blue lines = Long, Note the short blue lines in the middle on EUR/USD chart, those would be the losses near the daily support. Bottom blue lines are the longs I ranted about at the end.

EUR/USD – 5min Chart

AUD/USD – 5min Chart


Opened a total of 24x micro lots.
P/L = $67.49 / micro lot = 674.9 pips total or
P/L = $67.49 / $2.4 = 28.12 pips total

Updated P/L will be posted at the end of the week after Ido the “end of week trading results”.