Live Trades – Week of September 25th, 2011 « Financial Trading Journal

For the sake of completeness, I will include the 2 charts (trades on excel) from the beginning of the week as well. Just so that you can see all in one post, how many trades I made all week long.

All the charts have their respective S/R lines drawn and TLs if relevant. Not showing the reasons exactly why I have them. For those reasons, refer to the FX analysis charts. The black vertical line indicates the beginning of this week’s trading.

USD/CAD – 30 Minute Chart

AUD/USD – 30 Minute Chart

EUR/USD – 30 Minute Chart

Comments for this week’s trading:

No SL or TPs, which ended up screwing me over a few times, having to hold longer than expected. I was also mainly using the 5 minute chart for entries based on the S/R lines that I drew. It wasn’t until now at the time of making this blog post that I changed to 30 minute charts. I may start to use the 30 minute chart from now on, because you can clearly see the range and TLs. That was my mistake for this week.

Another rant/comment would be, entry points are never hard. All my entry’s are decent to say the least, just exit points at the problem. For the most part, I was fed up with the PA up till this morning (Friday) when I woke up, and just exited the remainder of my trades. I was sick of the range and all that shit and missing trades. Exiting early etc, I didn’t expect it to continue dropping thru out the day. If I had held onto my EUR/USD shorts and didn’t exit until the close, I would be looking at another +$250 or something. That would’ve made my day and my week perfect.

The goal that I set for myself this week, not really a goal per say, just a target, nothing happens if I made it or not, was to reach $1000 from $666.99 starting.

I would’ve reached a peak of $1500 or so, if I had traded properly and used the 30 min chart instead of 5 min.

When I woke up this morning, I was around $927 ish, and at that point I was already happy to just quit for the week. But I wanted to get closer to the $1000 mark, so I opened limit orders and some filled but I didn’t exit at max potential. I exited early while in class, read the comments on the trades.

Final note, yes, I’m aware most of the comments are more rants/psychology rather than trade set ups and reasoning. I trade S/R and PA, so just look at the charts and everything should make sense based on my entries and (early) exits.


Start: $666.99
End: $945.32
P/L = +$278.33 = +41.7%
Pip Count = $278.33 / micro lots = 2783.3 pips total

Kind of hard to count total lots and find the count that way, so we’ll just go with this count.

Updated P/L Chart