My affiliate manager just informed me that I get a bonus payout if I get 10 new traders this month, March 2012. I’m passing that bonus directly to you, divided by 10 equals about 12 mins of my time but I’ll round up to 15 mins.

So the first 10 people to sign up and deposit with 24Option this month get an extra 15 minutes of tutoring for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes!! 15 Minutes may not seem like much, but it’s no extra cost to you, I’m simply passing on the bonus. NOTE: No one gets the bonus until I verify that 10 traders have signed up/deposited because I don’t get the bonus unless I reach 10 traders.

PS: 24Option tends to run monthly promo’s, so I’ll post the promo’s every month as I get them. I will always pass them along to the new traders who sign up through me!