Hello everyone!

Sorry to disappoint everyone but unfortunately, making live trading videos takes up too much screen time and editing time. I attempted it this morning when I started trading, I left the screen recorder on for about 3 hours before shutting it off to try to edit/render it. Although after editing, I only had an hour’s worth left. I think that’s still way too much content to present in a video. I doubt many of you would sit thru an hour of me commentating on the price action of the markets and/or my own trades.

Then, I proceeded to attempt to cast each trade separately, kind of like a verbal version of the live trades that I post here on the blog. Even though this focuses exclusively on trade set ups and my trade entry/expiry, this still adds up to about 30-40 minutes of talking. Even if you guys want to watch that, that takes way too long on my part to edit and produce. In the future, when I get more consistent in trading instead of inconsistencies like today, I may considering doing a live stream since that wouldn’t require me to edit or be formal or anything like that. Once again, I apologize!

As for my trades: Overall, a shitty day in monetary terms but pretty educational considering it’s my first day back to trading after a 3 week break

Stats: 13/29 = 44.83%, -$141.85 = -56.74%, Trade vol = $734.45

Things worth mentioning before I get to the trades:

  1. I broke all my rules after I decided to go into “test mode” whereby I tried out various strategies that I had saved up from the past few weeks of no trading.

  2. 2 Minute trades were an epic fail, but I’ll elaborate on that in a future blog post. I’m well aware the binary options community is awaiting my 2 minute strategy video since I posted the announcement video in April. This will come at a later point in time, when I figure out a proper strategy.

  3. I proceeded to try out touch options afterwards (LOVE these)

  4. I didn’t bother to try out boundaries, but seems like they’d be useless unless it’s perfectly flat…

  5. Lastly, if I can’t bring the account up tomorrow, I’m prepared to deposit another $250 to top up the balance so I can trade seriously now that I’ve tried out the features properly.

As you’ll notice, the first trade is at 4:45am, I managed to wake up at 4:15am and prepped my charts by 4:30am. News came out at 4:30am, 6:00am and 8:30am. I avoided trading around 6:00 am for whatever reasons I don’t remember. Then for 8:30am, I placed a USD/CAD call based on 61.8 fib level (that I didn’t include due to too many lines on the charts) but didn’t realize that news was coming out in 5 minutes and that ended up screwing me over (although it was close).

Everything else should be self explanatory for those of you that have been thru my trades in the past. Just correlate the trade entry to the appropriate time on the chart and you’ll see where my entry is. All the charts below have thin vertical lines indicating a trade entry (or 2) at that time. I guess this is where the video would’ve made sense for the eager newbies who are willing to sit thru my videos.

USD/CAD – 5min chart

AUD/USD – 5min chart

EUR/USD – 1min chart

EUR/USD – 5min chart

GBP/USD – 1min chart

Despite the losses, it’s definitely good to be back in the markets trading again. Albeit, I went overboard today with testing out different strategies (again, I don’t like demo so don’t even ask me why I didn’t use demo because I don’t treat demo the same as live). The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that I have to wake up at 4am in order to ensure that I don’t miss the BOSE signals (they were 1/3 today by the way but I waited for pullbacks, so I had 2/3 instead). Still slowly adjusting to the new sleeping cycle because I now have to try to fall asleep at 10pm (instead of 12am) and waking up at 4am (instead of 6am).

PS: I got an email today requesting to try out BOTS, I don’t plan to try out Franco’s signals because that requires me to sit in a chatroom watching him trade and then copying him. That takes a lot of effort to pay attention to him, so I won’t bother with that.

Until tomorrow,