For the regular readers and possibly the new readers, you may have noticed some changes to the blog.

  • I’ve now split up the Broker section under Binary Options into 2 sections: Broker Overview and Broker Review. To view it: Go to Binary Options > Brokers > Broker Overview or Review to see individual brokers
  • The overview features the brokers that I promote on this blog, I simply provide hte things that traders need to know about such as: clients accepted, banking, instrument type, trade size, ITM/OTM rates and break even range given the ITM/OTM rates. I also list the asset index as well as the company information. I figure this is what you need to know as a trader.
  • Whereas the broker review is what you need to know as a client. So, you’ll read the overview to see what the brokers have to offer and what rating I give them based on that. Then, you’ll read the review to see what I think of the broker from a client’s point of view and how they treat us.
  • The two should compliment each other, unfortunately, I don’t have reviews for all the brokers since I haven’t used them all. I have both overview and review for 24Option, BBinary, StartOptions and TradeRush. I feature the overview for AnyOption since I talked about them briefly in the past + 1 new broker: StockPair. Not exactly a binary option broker, but a really cool concept in which it’ll be sure to intrigue you, more on that later!

More things to come within the next couple weeks:

  1. I plan to set up a twitter feed, not sure how active I will be on there. But, mainly what that’ll be for is to point out trade opportunities when they arise. I may not neccessarily trade them myself, but I’ll be sure to point them out.
  2. The strategy section will have an overhaul, I intend to take it out of the About Me section and move it into it’s own section in the top menu. I’ll probably put it beside Tools.
  3. I figure pictures are worth a thousand words + some words to explain = a thousand and some in words. What’s a video worth? I plan to make a series of youtube videos to fully explain and illustrate my strategies used. Everything I’ve currently covered int he blog will be converted into video format. I’ll probably use text to provide an introduction then explain everything else in the video. So watch out for these videos in the coming weeks. Currently trying to figure out the whole audio/video editing etc, and I need a new mic, my current one is crappy, extremely crappy, lots of static in the background.
  4. Possibly will do an awareness campaign to raise awareness for all the potential scammers/fishy things on the market right now.
  5. Lastly, I will make 2 posts for accomplishments (new year’s eve) and goals (new year’s day). These will outline what I’ve done this year + what I’m aiming to do next year.