Going to keep it short today, it’s actually my birthday today… But I also have 3 midterms this week, so no time to spare on the blog or even bothering to look at markets.

Results from last week first as usual, followed by forecasts and the charts.

Mixed – Monthly Chart

Mixed – Weekly Chart

Mixed – Daily Chart

Mixed – H4 Chart

Commentary/Technical Forecasts:

Going to have conditional forecasts again, since everything is at a critical point once again, since most didn’t even move that much compared to last week’s close. Regarding all flag set ups, they all pretty much broke out of the pattern and realized the direction on Friday, because up till Friday, my forecasts were all good in the flag part. But Friday came along and pushed everything out of the flag and broke out.

USD/CAD [Short (C)]: Bearish flag set up. But also have the weekly support coming up, which results in the sideways consolidation trading as mentioned last week.

AUD/USD [Long (C)]: Bullish flag set up. Condition on the H4 downward channel if it holds or not, which is coming up + the 61.8 fib level as mentioned last week.

GBP/USD [Long (C)]: As mentioned last week, the huge bearish gartley set up + bullish flag this week.

EUR/USD [Long (C)]: Bullish flag + 61.8 fib level as mentioned last week.

EUR/JPY [Long (C)]: Correlating this with EUR/USD bull flag means this should go up. Condition comes in with the H4 downward trendline.