To all my loyal fans and readers,

I apologize for the language that I’m about to use and the decisions that I’m about to make. But I’m really sick and tired of all the shit I’ve received from haters in the trading community over the past 2 years. At this point, I’m not willing to tolerate it anymore.

I’ve noticed that the more honest and transparent I am, the more hate I receive from people. Thus, I’ve decided to stop posting my trades publicly. Furthermore, all current blog posts for trades and live trading videos will be deleted as of the posting of this announcement.


I’m doing this because I no longer want the burden of huge expectations. I don’t understand why people have the same expectations for me as they do for people selling signals or products. I don’t know if people realized this, but I don’t have any fucking products. I’m not here to convince you to buy anything from me. All I hoped to achieve with my trading journal was to help people.

I figured the best way to do this was to be honest and transparent. When I first started Financial Trading Journal, I wanted to document my journey from being a newbie trader to a veteran trader, showing all wins and losses. But it seems this doesn’t vibe with the general public, so if people don’t give a shit, why should I bother continuing?

In my opinion, the haters in the trading community are analogous to women (no offense to women). Despite them being men (I’m assuming most traders are males), they act like women online. I say this because they don’t ever stop complaining. If I post a good day of trading profits, they’re silent and nothing happens.

But if I post a red losing day… guaranteed, the next day when I open my email inbox, 10-20 hate mails are waiting for me to read. Sometimes, it sounds like they’re trying to be my virtual mom but it’s not even nagging because nagging is neutral, these “men” make negative comments for the most part.


Aside from not having a lot of spare time to trade due to having to run my day to day business operations; the haters are part of the reason why I don’t trade frequently. Due to my transparency, I’m obligated to myself and my readers, to post my trades no matter what. But since I know haters will grill me if I post a bad day, I have to make sure I’m totally focused before I enter every trading session. This way, I can at least break even or profit because I already know what will happen when I get a losing day… I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Just an FYI, I didn’t wipe out. All my current trading accounts are still intact right now, so I’m not removing my trades because of wiping out. This is just my official public statement because as I’ve stated above, my intentions are honest. I’m not “running away” or “disappearing” like most other traders when they wipe out.


In closing, all trades I make will no longer be posted on Financial Trading Journal, nor will they be posted on my YouTube channel. The FX Weekly Analysis will remain to be produced every Saturday. Broker Reviews will still be written when I have time to review brokers. So yes, I admit the direction of Financial Trading Journal is now slightly shifted, but regardless, it is here to stay.

PS: I hope this doesn’t affect my credibility too much, but if you guys got the amount of shit that I get on a DAILY basis, you’d seriously reconsider your priorities as well.

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