I mentioned in ep 16 that I recently opened an account with 24Option. I did, funded it with $200 about 2 days ago and pretty much blew the account tonight lol. It happens to the best of us from time to time. This is one of those times in my life where I shouldn’t be near any trading platform at all. Due to emotional distress, lack of time, etc, etc. I don’t have the charts and I’m not going to bother posting them, you can go look yourself if you’d like. I’m not even bothering with the commentary for trading. I’m simply listing reasons for my failure this time.

FYI: A $200 loss represents about less than 10% of my overall profit from 2011. So it’s not a big deal, I just hate myself for letting myself trade in my current state of mind. The reason why I’m posting it now is to show that not everyone is perfect. I’m not the best trader in the world, not even close. I’m knowledgeable, etc. Over time, I’m profitable and a decent trader because on average, I have a 65-70% win ratio overall.

Anyways, since I deposited, I qualified for a demo account, so I’ll be using that for the rest of the semester to test out their platform to see if there’s any differences between the two, etc etc. To continue testing their platform to write my broker review, I’m setting a 100 trade threshold to reach before I write a full broker review. The live trades already are 20 trades, I have 80 more in demo to go before the broker review goes live.

Here’s what the template for the demo account looks like:

PS: The profit/loss page will be updated later this week, can’t be bothered to do that right now. Everything else is pretty much the same.