Initially, when I started making the Youtube video series. I had intended to produce a few episodes to show my strategies since so many people that I’ve talked to weren’t really understanding PA and my strategies. Plus, MOST of the content found online aren’t helpful. I was naive when I started however, I thought 4 or 5 would be the end of it but as I made more, I realized, it’s impossible to fit my life experience with trading etc into so little time. So, that’s when I realized I had to go all out and make a full blown series. This was self-motivation, at the same time the comments and feedback from people were also contributing factors. So, please keep sending those in, they motivate me to keep making the episodes. The goal for the “How I Trade Binary Options” video series is to help educate newbies and pro’s alike. I mention in one of the episodes that even though some people have been trading for 10+ years, they don’t stop learning. I might see things differently that they haven’t noticed yet. That’s the lovely thing about trading, it’s so unique to each of us. Everyone perceives the markets differently.

Some updates regarding the “How I Trade Binary Options” series. I currently have scripts written out for ep 19-23 (i.e. the rest of the psychological segment) fully done. I know what I plan to talk about, took me about 4 bus rides to figure this out, usually I nap or read on the bus, but the past couple days I’ve been writing out the scripts. I have not however started working on the power points, but those should be a breeze since I know what I’m talking about anyways. I just have to organize my thoughts into an easy flowing power point then I’ll start recording. I’m in the last phases of my cold, still coughing randomly or after talking constantly. I posted on my Youtube channel that I would try to make ep 19 before Feb 10th, and I will stick to the promise. The reason why only one episode is because I have a midterm on the 10th, and for obvious reasons, I prioritize school first before everything else. After that midterm, I’ll have some time to work on ep 20-23 since those relate to money and coping, which is relatively easy to convey. The reason why I’ll have time after the 10th is because the rest of my courses have late midterms (i.e. Late Feb / Early March).

Last week, I posted the tentative outline of upcoming episodes up to ep 30.  Tentative because I haven’t given the individual episode much thought till today’s bus ride lol. I started working on the script for Expiry Times (which is a request by Tania, her request can be seen on the request page). The next segment of episodes will be labeled “Trading Logistics/Management”, not sure on which is the right word to use. But, these aren’t exactly “Trading Methods” nor are they “Psychological relating to Trading Execution”, thus I’m putting them into a new segment. This 3rd and hopefully last segment will last 7-10 episodes. Following these episodes, I will be going back to “Trading Methods” until the end of the series. I’ll add occasional informational episodes inserted into the mix as I get requests.

To give a preview for the upcoming Trading Methods, I plan to make 2 episodes exclusively for 60 second options since so many people find them attractive right now. Based on my recent trading experiment with TradeRush, I know what works and what doesn’t (for me anyways). Afterwards, I’ll start going thru the requests sent in from fans and elaborate on concepts mentioned previously.

Furthermore, I have multiple series ideas coming out soon as well.

  • Ask The Brain: (so many of you misspell my name anyways) This will be for Q&A, short questions sent in by fans that don’t really require a full episode on the topic. I’ll address these small questions here. I’m thinking of actually showing my face here rather than doing power point.
  • Lazy Traders: Mainly promotional content here for people who don’t want to put in the effort to learn how to trade or can be used to supplement learning.
  • See Brian Trade: These will be Live Trading videos that I’ll record of myself trading with commentary etc in real time. I recently posted on Ep 14 comments, that I’m in the process of upgrading my computer. I’m doing so not because of trading requirements but for recording purposes. With a faster computer, I can record and trade with ease.
  • How I Trade Forex: Similar to Binary Options except, these videos will relate to spotFX.
  • How I Trade Stocks: Not likely since I don’t have that much experience trading, I’m more of an investor when it came to stocks in the past
  • Economics 101: Crash course with some basic economic theory that I’ve learned in my undergrad career
  • Life lessons: (I know what you’re thinking, I’m only 22, what could I teach you about life?) These will be videos on how I approach my life and what shapes my mindset.

The first 3 series in the above list are my top priorities after finishing up with the “How I Trade Binary Options” series, the next 3 (minus the stocks) are a work in progress depending on what I want to cover. In addition, I plan to do an introduction video of myself (most likely will show my face), to explain what my goals for these series are, what my morals are, how it affects what I present, etc.

You’re probably wondering how I come up with so many ideas or have the motivation to do this. Part of it is the nice side of me, wanting to help educate people. I could just as easily do paid seminars on this stuff rather than give it for free. The other part is the business mind kicking in, my mind is constantly working all the time. Unfortunately, I don’t have ideas for new products, else I’d work on those endeavours instead. Seriously, if I had an idea, I would patent a product then go produce it. I don’t have that type of innovative brain, I guess I have a refinement brain…

Anyways, that’s it for Reflections and Youtube Update. I guess the only thing left to mention is the blog updates. I have a pile of live trades that I have yet to post. The last trade update was with regards to my 24Option account wipe due to emotional distress. I also have my TradeRush “experiment” which resulted in me “losing” a lot of profits, but just a reminder, I was invited back by TradeRush to re-assess their platform improvements. They did this by providing a “$100 live bonus” which was redeemable for up to $500 given a $2500 trade volume requirement. I’ve reached this limit, but in the process of the “experimenting” with diff strats for 60 seconds, got my account down to $72 from a high of like $290 or something. You’ll see it once I post the live trades, I did like 100x 60 second trades within a span of an hour or two.

See, this is my issue with this blog which sometimes people question the transparency. I intend this blog to be fully transparent, all trades are posted regardless of win/loss likewise with profit/loss. It’s just a matter of time, I don’t have time to compile the charts, take the pictures, etc to post them up on a regular basis. Eventually, everything is posted, I try my best to do it in a timely fashion but that doesn’t always work out. Besides, I don’t care how you judge my trading, the goal is to share my experience and help you out in the process. If you can learn from my losses and if I can learn from them as well, together, we’ll both become better traders in the future!

Until next time, Good Luck Trading!