Now that exams are over and it’s winter holiday time. I have 3 weeks off school, I’ll be working on the blog a bit, maybe start trading some, also gotta prep my grad school applications etc. A few weeks ago, I made the blog post Multiple Brokers Better Than One? It’s always good to have a back up account when one doesn’t work properly. Also good if different brokers provide diff instruments at diff times. So you can get the best of both worlds. I’ll be opening an account with 24Option, after hearing so many good things about them from my fellow traders on BOD. I’ve already opened an account, haven’t funded yet.

Still talking to my accounting manager to see how the bonus structure works and what offers they have for new traders. My account manager (Sam Mercer) mentioned in my introductory email that new traders have a choice of taking a bonus or having their 1st trade 100% risk free (up to $1k). I’m definitely opting for the latter, I don’t care much for the bonus (FYI: The 100% bonus is only offered on initial deposits of $5k+). Being tight on cash, I’ll probably only deposit the bare minimum of $200. Use the first trade to trade it all since it’s risk free, then go back to my own risk level.

From what I can see so far, their platform seems pretty fast not as laggy as BBinary is while stationary. We’ll see what happens when I start trading. After a certain number of trades, I’ll give a full broker review as I’ve done in the past with other brokers. Not sure on the number yet, I’m thinking maybe 30-50 trades before I write a full review?

So if you haven’t already done so, you should definitely check them out!