If you want a good browser based charting platform, I recommend using FreeStockCharts. This is a great free charting site for stocks and forex, enter FX pairs in the format EUR/USD

Although FreeStockCharts is great for real-time streaming data, I normally use StockCharts for longer term analysis for stocks

BarCharts offers evrything, most people only use them for their “ratings” on stocks, type in a random stock and you’ll get a rating for it based on their indicators

ForexPros has an indicator on most FX pairs showing bullish or bearish signals

ForexPros also provides charts, in particular, I use their futures charts

BabyPips offers an “educational school” for learning FX, from kindergarden up to college. I briefly skimmed thru it, if your a complete newb, and want a general overview, this would be a good start.

InvestorsHub aka ihub, is the rumor mill of the equities market (stocks), good place to spot pumpers. Use mainly for penny stocks

HotStockMarkets aka HSM, is the forum I frequent from time to time for big chip stocks and sometimes penny stocks. Majority of the traders on this site are big board players.

ForexFactory aka FF (not firefox lol), has an economic calender like the one below, but also a great forum frequented by TONS of forex traders, I think it’s something like 10,000+ viewers at any given time and more during news. Highly recommend this for FX traders, this is where I go when I trade FX (not when I analyze) and get the free systems from.