TradeRush Update: Now Offering $5 Trades

WOW, is all I can say, these guys just keep getting cunning? I think is the word, I wouldn’t say smart though..

They now offer $5 trades on their 60 second options.You read that right! FIVE DOLLARS A TRADE PER MINUTE!

Just an FYI, $10 trades have existed prior to TradeRush coming out, OptionBit offered $10 trades for the past couple months now.

The first NEW thing that TradeRush brought to the table, was 60 Second Options.

Now, another NEW thing that they’ve brought into Binary Options, never seen before (that I know of) is $5 trades!

So, with a minimum deposit of $100, previously at $10 a trade, that’s 10 minutes of action (if you lose it all). Now with $5 a trade, that’s 20 minutes of action (if you lose it all). At $5 a trade, risk is pretty small even for those of you on the fence right now.

I made two trades tonight, won’t bother to post them till I have a bunch saved up (LOL). But, so far, I haven’t noticed the problems that I stated previously. So, I’ll continue to observe for the rest of this week. Also, at $5 a trade, that lets me trade a little more freely.

So go check them out!

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