Hey everyone,

Given what brokers offer nowadays (demo accounts), I may consider getting back into trading on paper via demo accounts. I’ve been thinking about doing this lately, like I’ll tell myself, I’ll go open a demo account and start blogging it.. but I never end up doing anything since I’m busy as hell during the semester. I’m basically working part time + taking courses + business + blog = I’m left tired. I don’t want to day trade live accounts due to my obsessive behavior towards watchnig money move up and down. I’m emotionless towards the value of money, I just can’t detach myself from watching it.

So, just a heads up, that randomly, through out the next 6 months until I finish school next April 2012; I’ll be posting paper trades on my demo accounts. I plan to trade at least 2 instruments: forex and binary options, then if I have time, I’ll add in some stocks and options.

To my knowledge… the following brokers offer demo accounts:

  • Binary Options – Banc de Binary: $50,000 demo account
  • Forex – Oanda – unlimited amount demo account
  • Options – Optionsxpress – $50,000 demo account
  • Stocks – I’m not sure… Think or swim might have a demo account or investopedia,

I don’t know, I need to find a real-time demo account for stocks otherwise, it’s retarded to just enter trades in hind sight. But, the rest should be fine. Paper trades will be posted in their usual style same as before, just like the live trades. Blog posts will be titled paper trades and will be tagged paper trades.

That’s it for this update, let’s see when I have time to start doing this. I have a paper due next Wed, then final exams start 2 weeks afterwards, so I doubt I’ll be starting anytime soon.