Ever since I launched the original “How I Trade Binary Options” video series on Youtube, I’ve received countless emails asking if I offer “tutoring” services for 1 on 1 support. Officially, I do not offer this service because I don’t know the value of it. Thus, I don’t want to “scam” or “overcharge” for the service, so for the time being I’m not going to accept any clients for paid tutoring. In short, I’m not comfortable with you paying me for this service. I am willing to make an offer though…

This is primarily for new traders, in particular, those who aren’t signed up with a broker yet. I’m willing to offer a free one hour 1 on 1 “tutoring” session with me over Skype when you sign up and fund an account with one of my recommended brokers. Since I’m an affiliate for them, I get a payout when you sign up through my link. If you’ve read my trading journal, you’ll notice that the recommended brokers are the brokers that I personally use and like, hence I recommend them! For the time being, the tutoring promo is only valid through my recommended brokers, however, I plan to add “qualifying” brokers in the future for those of you who already have accounts with my recommended brokers.

Note: If you’ve signed up and funded an account thru my link in the past (preferably within 6 months), you qualify for this offer as well. Just follow the instructions below under “Delivery of Tutoring”.

For each broker that you sign up and fund an account with, you get an hour of free tutoring. There are no requirements in how much you need to fund, you can simply fund the account with the minimum deposit set by the brokers. Note: This offer only applies to the initial deposit.


http://www.goto24Option.com – $250 Min. Deposit (Speak to live chat after funding to activate demo acct)

http://www.gotoBBinary.com – $500 Min. Deposit (Speak to live chat after funding to activate demo acct)

http://www.gotoTradeRush.com – $200 Min. Deposit (Give the code ‘TradeFree’ to live chat for a 36 hour demo acct, no deposit req. BUT this code is exclusive to my students using my links!)

If you sign up with 1 broker, you get 1 hour of free tutoring!
If you sign up with 2 brokers, you get 2 hours of free tutoring!
If you sign up with all 3 brokers, you get 3 hours of free tutoring!

Funding all 3 brokers with the minimum deposit of $950 gets you 3 hours of free tutoring!

Since I have a special agreement with Banc De Binary; I can make an Exclusive Offer with Banc De Binary. In addition to the free hour from the minimum deposit, you get additional hour of free tutoring per $2,500 you deposit (not including the minimum $500). For example, if your initial deposit is $10,000, you get 5 hours of free tutoring (1 from the minimum and 4 for each $2,500 threshold). The sky is the limit, you can deposit as much as you like. If your initial deposit is $100,000, you’ll get 1 + 40 = 41 hours of free tutoring.

I could easily just “pitch an idea” here but I won’t bother with that, I could brag about the exclusivity of knowledge you might get and so on but no matter. So, here are the facts:

  • You need an account to trade anyways, so why not sign up and fund an account through my links. Given my reputation, I wouldn’t put my name on the line for a crap broker.
  • You’re not paying me, you’re funding your own trading account. The money is coming from the broker’s advertising budget.
  • If you’ve watched my video series, you’ll know that I’m a competent and knowledgeable teacher
  • I’ve already provided the core content in the video series. But some people need “hands on” interaction or simply put, they need to be “spoon fed”. So, treat this as insurance for all the things that you can’t figure out on your own from watching the video series.
  • Having said that, I don’t have a lesson plan for these sessions. To take full advantage of your hour(s), you should prep your question/topics list ahead of time.
  • NOTE: This is not a “signal service”. Keep in mind, most of you will only get an hour (depending on how many brokers you deposit with), if I give you “signals” that won’t help you in the long run. This hour gives you an opportunity to talk 1 on 1 with an experienced trader / teacher. You’re welcome to ask me anything on your mind, from broker features to how to trade to concrete trade examples, whatever you need to clarify to get started on your trading career. When I was a newbie trader, I was confused and frustrated on those little details that you just couldn’t find on the internet. You had to scour the internet for hours on end until you find it. Thus, this is an invaluable offer that you simply cannot afford to pass up.

To redeem the promo, please submit your information in the contact form at the bottom of this page

We’ll be doing this over Skype and I’ll be utilizing the screen sharing feature as needed to demonstrate or explain the solution to your questions. You should have a headset so you can talk, otherwise you have to type while I talk.

  • To view my availabilities, go my Google Doc’s excel spreadsheet by clicking here
  • PLEASE try to make the effort to redeem your hours via email ASAP (within 6 months)! This way, there aren’t any issues to verify your account with the broker; once verified, you’ll be added onto an excel spreadsheet. There is no time limit, you can use your hours at any point in the future (assuming I’m still in the world of Finance).
  • Hours can only be redeemed in allotments of hours. I won’t break an hour up into two 30 minute sessions. If you have multiple hours, you can use each of them separately until you’ve used up them all up.

Time is a priceless commodity and like you, I only have 24 hours in my day. Given the nature of this service, there will be a breaking point i.e. not enough time to allocate for people. Some time in the future, I imagine I’ll be fully booked and have to allocate 10-12 hours a day for tutoring. Some things to consider when the breaking point is reached:

  • I’ll have to determine how much time I need to trade/work, thus affecting my availabilities for tutoring.
  • I might have to reduce the time allotment from an hour down to 30-45 minutes
  • Or I might have to do group sessions, so instead of 1 on 1, it’ll be 2 or more people per hour, so the attention is split
  • Or if people aren’t satisfied with the above, I may just have to discontinue the offer or refuse the offer to people once the limit is reached or pick people at random.

For the time being, there is nothing to worry about. I doubt I’ll be fully booked anytime soon.

See you on Skype!