For those of you that missed it, here’s the original announcement posted 2 weeks ago:

Just wanted to update that I’m currently at 7 sign ups, so I need another 3 sign ups in order to qualify for the bonus payout. Take note, ONLY 10 people qualify for the bonus BUT NOBODY gets it if I don’t get the minimum 10 sign ups.

  • So, for the 7 of you that already signed up, if you care about the extra 15 minute bonus. I suggest you go tell your friends or co-workers or whoever to sign up and fund a new account via my link in order to reach the 10 sign up threshold!
  • As for the bystanders that haven’t made the move yet, it’s not too late, the next 3 sign ups can still get the bonus tutoring. Albeit, it’s only 15 minutes but since it’s no extra cost to you, I think that’s a win-win situation.

PS: Deadline is Mar 31st, 2012 at 11:59pm GMT I believe… since 24Option is based in UK.