As I mentioned in the ‘live trades’ post yesterday, I got hired this summer to be a TA (Teaching Assistant) again. This summer, I’ll be TAing both Intro Level Micro AND Macro Economics courses, I normally only do 1 course but since I’m the only available TA staying in Toronto this summer, I got both courses. Together, they add up to 177 hours. I’ve chosen to schedule all my tutorials / office hours on Monday, so I only have to commute to school once per week. The updated schedule is posted below but take note during midterm and final exam season, I have to mark about 200 exams as well. This still allows me to trade for 4 days a week as I see fit, so rest assure, the live trade posts will continue through out the summer.

In addition, I haven’t made youtube videos for a while now. I’ll start doing that again soon, probably get a few videos out this coming week. Need to finish revamping the old videos and then start working on new lessons. Technically speaking, the videos are provided for free so you can’t really “rush” me, I do them when I have time to spare. But don’t worry, now that things are starting to “settle” down, and everything is scheduled properly, I should have videos made consistently from now on.

Lastly, this schedule is valid until mid-August ish? I mentioned briefly before, my Masters in Economics program starts around that time. They have a mandatory math/stats review course that starts around the 3rd week of August I believe? I’m still waiting for their info package to arrive with more details, but around that time I’ll post a new schedule to reflect the changes.