One of the new things about my blog is the layout of the menu’s. You’ll notice after the Home and About me page, Education is the first section among the external things. Education is placed before strategy. You should know what you’re getting yourself into before actually attempting to do it. In this section of my blog, I’ll include the usual things like: Emotions, Psychology, How-to’s, Tutorials, other Recommended education sites and even a section on the jargon of the trading world

***** Note for the entire education section. Everything mentioned here is knowledge that I’ve personally gathered, I didn’t want to rip this content word for word from other sites, I wanted to write it myself. The only reason I wanted to include it on this blog is for completeness of a proper trading journal. My main focus is on development of the trading journal, strategy and helping whoever wants to follow. This education section covers the basic topics of what I think are important, but take all the information discussed here with a grain of salt. If you want the real deal of how things works, I suggest googling it