Please submit your requests in the comments below!

Whatever you want to see in my future episodes of “How I Trade Binary Options”, let me know!

I’ll look into it, if it helps my strat and I can add it into my arsenal, then I’ll do it. Because, I don’t want to show something that doesn’t work for me. If it doesn’t work for me, why would I bother showing it you guys!

They must apply to binaries though, if you found an FX strat, if you can back up your case then I’ll consider it.


Tentative Outline of Upcoming Episodes

At a rate of minimum 1 video per week, I’ll probably finish this list in 3-4 months. If I go faster, half that time.

  • Episode 17: Trading Mentality
  • Episode 18: Emotions
  • Episode 19: Patience
  • Episode 20: Break Even
  • Episode 21: Money Management
  • Episode 22: Hedging Strategies
  • Episode 23: Currency Pair
  • Episode 24: Expiry Time
  • Episode 25: Endurance
  • Episode 26: Momentum (Concept)
  • Episode 27: Fundamental Analysis
  • Episode 28: Price Spreads
  • Epixode 29: Coping Strategies
  • Episode 30: Zero-sum games
  • Episode 31: Chart Set up (elaboration on ep 5)
  • More to come as I get ideas

PS: I intend the series to get up to at least 50 episodes, maybe even 100.

But, I also have new series coming out as well. Such as Q&A or live trading etc.