Hello Everyone!

Despite the low response from fans, readers and viewers on the BOD thread. I’ve decided to launch the trial starting tomorrow morning at 4:30am EST. I might start earlier depending on when I wake up, the alarm is set for 4am EST. This will run everyday until the end of the week. The guaranteed hours are 4:30am EST to 7:30am EST, whether or not I leave charts open past that is to my discretion.

The access link is: https://join.me/FinancialTradingJournal

Please read the outline I posted yesterday regarding all the details of this potential new service. This trial is intended to provide viewers with a look at what they’d be getting but it also allows me to gauge what the demand is and how much work I have to do. I don’t usually trade that long, I’m in and out within an hour or two. With this service, I’d have to leave the charts on and annotate it for a set number of hours. It is not likely that I will have a partner on this project, so I’ll most likely just attach it onto my tutoring promo in some way or charge a small fee per month.