Updates on Binary Option Trading Status « Financial Trading Journal

Ok guys, just made a post an hr ago for my FX demo, here’s the update for Binary Options.

Couple things to note, these updates are in a category by thsmselves doesn’t really belong with any other category, I talk about anything inside here. The FX demo will have it’s own category purely for FX demo-ing, Once I go live, it’ll be change to Forex Live, but this coming summer, I aim to tweak and modify the entire blog, revamping the design and layout. So everything should be more organizd by mid July ish or sooner lol. Looks isn’t exactly a priority.  I care more about developing my trading strategy.

Anyways onto binary options. I don’t plan to subscribe to Mike’s signals anytime soon since I’m still strapped for cash. Hopefully by the time I start trading FX I’ll have enough to do both FX live and subscribe to his signals. So that’s for the signals, for my own trading, I did make a trade yesterday (I think? LOL I don’t remember) but I won +$20. Not going to bother making the chart/blog post for it since it’s just 1 simple trade.

As for my FX demo trades, I’m trying to figure ou how I should be posting my trades because depending on my trading style either strict or scalping, it’ll affect how I can post charts because with scalping, it’s going to be annoyingly stupid to post charts with me entering 10 trades within 2 hrs LOL, all with different exit points.

Once I figure out everything, I’ll be posting that in the next update. Until then, just watch the widget on the side to see my progress with my FX demo account.