Hello everyone,

I know, I’ve been really inactive lately. I only made 1 trade tonight after a short break. It won by 18 pips, kind of weird. I haven’t had a big win spread in a long while. Another thing to note, I probably will not become actively trading with tons of trades until next month or until summer starts. Also included in this post is a few shitty trades I made on Mar 9th that wasn’t posted on that day because I made these trades later that day and lost. After losing, I didn’t want to make a chart and post etc. So it’s posted now just to show that I did make the trades. But no chart for those unfortunately.Side note, this is a really poorly worded journal entry LOL. I apologize, my thoughts are all over the place.

Couple reasons for my inactivity lately: 1. I suck at trading (should be pretty clear, I haven’t been able to profit much after the winning streak over the winter holidays) 2. I suck at time management which might’ve led to #1 above. School, business + trading = me potentially forcing trades. I’m not realy focused on school this semester either compared to last semester. Some of my courses showed a slight decline in marks. 3. This is a more recent issue. Over the past weekend, I’ve been working on setting up my ebay account. I plan to start selling my old Magic The Gathering cards since it’s been like 7 years since I’ve played and there’s been a lot of inflation lol. 4. I think that’s all I have to say. When I do become active again, I really need to find an actual trading rule/system. Instead of the whole “lets draw a trendline here, no there, wait, how about there, err that one instead = FAIL.

5. Couple people are probably wondering why don’t I just subscribe to David and Mike’s signals. Well, basically, I’m not available 3 days of the week to trade them, so there’s no point that would mess up the accuracy.

Anyways, bullshit aside, back to the journal entry. Summary for today: 1/1 = 100%, +$19.25

EUR/USD – 5min Chart (10:30PM Expiry)

Note: The pink lines just signify my entry and expiry price. I’m just drawing it here to show how big of a spread I got it right for.