I should’ve traded more regular binaries instead of gamble with those 60 second options. Missed quite a few opportunities, looking back at the chart that I’m posting below. Really stupid decision for today, but whatever. No point having regrets, just gotta have more discipline next week. I only made 1 trade today on EUR/USD after I woke up, past 8am, so slept well enough to notice a good trade right off the bat, last trade of a downtrend. If I was trading after this, I would’ve called a few trades on the way up.

A couple of people I know didn’t even bother to trade today, or just broke even. After Bernanke opened his mouth and lunch time started, the whole afternoon was pretty quiet. So most people just called it a day at that point.

Win Ratio: 1/1 = 100%
P/L = +$22