Here are my trades for this week, I only traded on Monday and Wednesday. Didn’t trade on Tuesday because I was launching the chart service trial (which I’ll post about shortly). Thursday, I was prepping to meet my economics professor, who hired me this summer to be his TA (177 hours). I’ll be posting my updated schedule to include the tutorials and office hours that I’ll be responsible for this summer. Friday was just boring I think, I didn’t see anything that I liked to trade. All in all, I managed to recover some of my losses from last week.

Win ratio = 10/15 = 66.67%
P/L = +$82.08 = +71.64%

Note: For all the charts, not all the vertical lines for my trade entry may be visible because I drew them on the 1min chart but then 5min chart combines the lines into 1 candle stick. So just be aware of that, but the overall technical analysis is clearer on the 5min chart compared to the 1min chart.

USD/CAD 5min chart for both May 14th & 16th

GBP/USD 5min chart for May 14th

AUD/USD 5min chart for May 16th

Hopefully next week will be a good week again, so that I can recoup the losses from week 1 then start profiting again icon_smile-8711048