Good morning everyone, no delays today, I apologize for posting the trades last night instead of the morning, it slipped my mind. I was busy focusing on other things. But not today, back in the zone and on time.

Trades were alright today, I actually woke up at 7AM, didn’t look nice, so went back to sleep, I woke up every half hour to check the markets (on my ipod touch!) LOL some of you might be thinking “oh not again.. put it away Brian!” stupid me LOL. The app’s on the ipod don’t really show much info for charting, so it’s hard to tell when there’s a good trend going. I need the tick charts since I rely so much on it now in terms of PA. So, I finally go out of bed around 8:45, made and ate breakfast, started trading as soon as I sat down lol. I saw something good, turned out to be bad. 5 minutes later, it got good again. Enough of me ranting on, take a look at the trades:

EDIT: I made some more trades, they’re posted below the first session of trades + I updated the summary to include everything. Clearly the 1st session was great, 2nd session was a big fuck up. Chopfest galore, then it finally got good, but when I decided to quit for the day, it starts trending massive red candles and I’m basically thinking WTF. But I already decided to quit, so no point starting again at that point.

EDIT #2: Night trading, haven’t done this in a while, but came on and caught the end of an uptrend and a segment of a downtrend with a PA trade as well. Check it out at the very bottom!


Win Ratio = 26/34 = 76.47%
P/L = +$45.75
Trade Volume = $170